Comfort on the fly.

No one wants to see their plane crash, and that's where WISE comes in. It's like having a flight instructor standing next to you at the field, ready to take over when needed. Think of it the same way a reset button works on a simulator — except you're actually out flying your real model!

Quality electronics at work.

Sensei FS

WISE is a module installed in the aircraft that keeps your model stable, so you'll feel at ease at the controls. The technology is built into the aircraft, ready to be employed without complicated tuning or programming.

In a nutshell: data received from dual sources — a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer — is combined and processed to sense position, orientation and attitude changes instantly and accurately. The system then makes the appropriate corrections to avoid situations that might lead to a crash.

3-Axis Gyro

Sensei FS

The WISE gyro system stabilizes your model in three different axes — yaw, roll and pitch — to keep external forces from adversely affecting performance. Such forces might include an unexpected gust of wind, which could jar your aircraft enough to send it off-course. Planes equipped with WISE, however, maintain a smooth and predictable flight path. Watch this video to learn more.

3-Axis Accelerometer

Sensei FS

With the accelerometers you can let go of the transmitter sticks and your model will automatically return to stable, level flight. That's a good "fail-safe" to have if you become disoriented. And you can turn it OFF at any time to gain complete control of your plane.

The WISE stabilization system can adapt to your skill/experience level!

Choose from three different flight modes that let you learn and hone piloting skills at your own pace.

  • Beginner — this mode allows turns and pitch to approximately 30°, but won't let you over-control. If your model starts to bank or roll, simply release the sticks to return to straight and level flight.
  • Intermediate — this model limits bank and pitch to less than 90°. You'll be able to perform some banking maneuvers, while still having the stick release function to fall back on.
  • Advanced — once you're comfortable with the basics, you can fly on your own without the aid of the stabilization system.

The Bailout Switch provides extra insurance!

Sensei FS

Programmed on your transmitter, this function returns your plane to straight and level flight from any orientation, in any of the 3 modes. Watch this video to learn more.

Landings and Takeoffs
made easy!

Sensei FS

Landings and takeoffs can be nerve-wracking when you lack confidence. The WISE system takes much of the apprehension out of these maneuvers — all you have to do is increase or decrease the throttle. Watch this video to learn more.

Freedom of

Sensei FS

Some flight stabilization systems operate only with one brand of radio, which can be a big limitation. But the WISE system is compatible with ANY major R/C radio make and model, including Tactic, Futaba, Spektrum, JR, Hitec and others.